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Looking forward to collaborate, travel and feature products and brands in order to connect with and reach out to a wider audience.

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Why this page?

Today, more than ever, in this fast paced lifestyle, people are trying to fit in more and more into their daily routines, thus leading to excessive stress and little time to really evaluate what we are doing with our lives.  There is a need for questioning the conventional notions of how are lives are set up, along with the the corporate rat race and everything that comes with it. Many times, we get stuck in the rut and limit ourselves - we stop learning, exploring and observing - the 3 most essential and basic essences of human life. Through this blog, Siddharth hopes to share some of his own travel and photography experiences and how he has tried to diversify his range of activities and strike the right balance while working in a corporate set up.

And yes, this is an open forum, so your comments and feedback are very valuable for this dialogue to be successful!


Next Steps...

Reach out for any queries, photo prints, features and collaborations. Also undertake both indoor and outdoor photography assignments upon request.